Falling Out Of Love

I recently had a conversation over messanger with a friend.  She’s really been struggling with her routine.


I can identify, I’ve been there. one minute you’re chugging along and everything is perfect. you feel like you could live this clean eating healthy lifestyle forever. then BAM you’re completely derailed, you have to change your routine or worse come up with a whole new game plan. if you’ve ever been injured then you know how hard it is to go from active to sidelined then trying to find your way to active again. 
My advice to her with fake it until you make it. I have had to do this in the past, I have not felt like it, I have not wanted to do it, I have made every excuse. it needs to be part of your routine, it needs to be non-negotiable.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be hard, you just need to find a way to move. start small, when I first started my journey I could barely do 10 minutes on the elliptical. but I did 10 minutes on the elliptical. you need to find something that you can do that is physical even if it’s not for a long period of time.

While you were faking it to make it, explore other options if what you were doing isn’t working anymore try and find something else. there are hundreds if not more workout videos, classes, activities.  Find one that makes you happy, even if you have to find one that doesn’t make you wanna claw your eyeballs out.  It takes time to make something a habit, they say it takes 21 days so find 21 days and do it.

Another way to motivate yourself to just do it, is to remind yourself why you’re doing it. I don’t do this just so I can have a “hot body” I do it for my mental health, for my family so I will be around for a long time to come, and for my own physical health. you might do it for mobility, or many other reasons but explore those find your reasons for being healthy. you need to often remind yourself why you’re on this journey because motivation comes and goes routines get screwed up and it’s not easy but it’s worth it.



Not a workout

So today I took the yoga mat outside to do three circuits of mountain climbers and angry crabs and a mix of other excersizes but after 1 ish rounds I gave in to laying in the sun listening to my ipod. My legs were really tired so I got the message and I’m resting instead. There is always tomorrow, I have a class and roller derby in line for tomorrow so today is a good day to rest


When this is the view why not!?!!

Taking it outside

Today is usually a run day for me, but I have a 5k tomorrow so I decided to do one of booty quakes interval workouts from rollerderbyathletics.com

Then I though oh I’ll do it outside behind work…





Yeah I’m lucky

2 months post breast reduction

April update and a May challenge

Hi there!

It’s been a while but it’s been all good. I am back on skates signed up for a half marathon and still eating and loving vegan.

As awesome as April has been the scale hasn’t moved at all. And I mean AT ALL. It’s driving me nuts, so I’ve decided I’m putting the scale away for the month of May. I’m going to weigh April 30 and take my measurements then it all goes away for the whole month. Is that scary?? Absolutely but it’s necessary. I’ve been getting on it every day and it’s not doing me any favors so I’m taking May to concentrate on good behaviors how my clothes fit. My goal this year, that I wanted for myself was to learn to at least accept my body but I would like to learn to love and appreciate it for everything it does.

The first step is getting over my obsession with the scale and those 20 pounds. Even now when someone says I look good or like I’ve lost I immediately say “oh I’ve only lost 13 pounds” or ” I still have 20 pounds to lose”

The big thing I have going for me is all the athletics I’m doing right now. I have a 5k in two weeks and I’m practicing roller derby 3 times a week. I know when I was most athletic was when I loved the way I felt and parts of my body, not as a whole but I could identify and parts and hold onto that.

I am going to start doing some cooking blogs again and show you all what I have been working on


I have a friend who is going through an injury right now, this is something I know a little bit about. I know the disappointment in your body, the anxiety about not being active, the fear that you’ll gain weight. They are all real feelings and if your going through it, it can be really overwhelming. How do you find an alternate to your current routine? Modifying moves is one way to do it. But that can be scary too. Being the only one in the class to being doing something different or not feeling like you are giving it your all. And the alternative to try something completely new. Then there is the last resort not doing anything at all. Which is the route I took with my ankle break. I don’t recommend this especially if you aren’t a naturally active person. Starting an active lifestyle isn’t easy and restarting it is just as hard if not harder. Because you know what you need to do and how to do it but the mental hurdle can be a tough one to get over. Constantly comparing yourself to where you were and not accepting yourself for your current situation. In the end we need to know that all we can do is out best at this current moment and time. I can’t compare myself to the girl who ran a half marathon because she isn’t exactly who I am today. Someday I want to run another half marathon but today I want to accept that the best I can do is walk mile or two.

It’s a choice…

So the book says good choices and bad choices are just that a choice, you don’t accidentally eat bad food you make that choice. So I made a bad food choice Saturday night, I was at the after party and even though I packed snacks and here is where I could give you all the excuses but I’m the one that made the choices.
It’s ok life is all about ups and downs, I did hop right back on Sunday morning and have stuck to it since. I will say I woke up with a massive headache Sunday and it wasn’t from drinking because all I had was 1 beer and 1 glass of wine hours apart. Otherwise I feel pretty great!
And I can’t complain about the food it’s delicious.


We tried bison steak and as out there as it sounds it was awesome!
My go to meal is chicken with avocado and salsa..


Breakfast is the hardest meal for me, I don’t like eggs, they actually make me sick so I’ve had the above for breakfast and today I tried kale and bacon (un cured, nitrate free)


It’s really nice to have hubby on board with this on, he cooked scallops and steak tips with sugar snap peas last night…


So lesson learned I can make bad choices, going out is hard and I’m gonna have to work that out.

In other news my ankle is still super weak, I spent a couple of hours on feet Saturday between the bout and after party and was in a lot of pain. I actually have a bruise on the inside of my ankle. I didn’t bump it or anything so that’s making me a little nervous.


I’m calling my pt and see what she thinks and if I should call my Dr

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