I wanted to clear up some things about my new project I am in no way giving up on being healthy, eating healthy or exercising. I am however added to that, this is a way to get my mind healthy.  Even at goal I had a poor image of myself, I hated pieces of myself so even at my goal weight I needed more.  Why? Even now not at goal why am I not enough why do I have to say some truly ugly things to myself.  This journey is about loving myself no matter where I am weight wise.  I am still tracking my food, still eating healthy and vegan.  I teach spin class once a week work out 5 days a week plus play roller derby. Fitness keeps me sane but I also need to learn how to let go of my demons and the angry voices in my head, those voices keep me trapped in a world of binge eating and self loathing, they have contributed to the eating disorders I’ve faced and they need to go.  So after seeing myself start to slide into old patterns and considering reaching for the laxatives (my eating disorder or choice) I’ve decided I need to change not what I am doing by my way of thinking.  So here I am on a journalling journey to self love, so I’m gonna do the eat pray love thing without the praying cause that’s not my thing. 

Lots more to come hope you enjoy the writings and embark on a self love journey too



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