My New Project

I know I’ve been silent lately but it doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything, I have a new project.  I’m working on my body image this year.  This was my new year goal.  I’ve really been struggling with this since gaining weight after leaving weight watchers and the more I beat myself up the more I gained.  So enough, enough with the hate, enough with the internal struggle.  Is it going to be easy, ummm NO. Is it going to be worth it, hell yeah!  I know what you’re thinking “Marissa it’s the 23, why now?” Well I’ve actually been working since Christmas I just wasn’t sure I wanted to blog about it.  But I’ve decided I’m not alone and sharing my journey would be a good thing.  I am using a body image workbook and the book “Somebody to love” so I’ve got some guidance here and I’m sure I’ll find other books.  I have been journaling, I am not at the point were it’s changing things but I will say there are things I’ve written that have surprised me. 


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