April update and a May challenge

Hi there!

It’s been a while but it’s been all good. I am back on skates signed up for a half marathon and still eating and loving vegan.

As awesome as April has been the scale hasn’t moved at all. And I mean AT ALL. It’s driving me nuts, so I’ve decided I’m putting the scale away for the month of May. I’m going to weigh April 30 and take my measurements then it all goes away for the whole month. Is that scary?? Absolutely but it’s necessary. I’ve been getting on it every day and it’s not doing me any favors so I’m taking May to concentrate on good behaviors how my clothes fit. My goal this year, that I wanted for myself was to learn to at least accept my body but I would like to learn to love and appreciate it for everything it does.

The first step is getting over my obsession with the scale and those 20 pounds. Even now when someone says I look good or like I’ve lost I immediately say “oh I’ve only lost 13 pounds” or ” I still have 20 pounds to lose”

The big thing I have going for me is all the athletics I’m doing right now. I have a 5k in two weeks and I’m practicing roller derby 3 times a week. I know when I was most athletic was when I loved the way I felt and parts of my body, not as a whole but I could identify and parts and hold onto that.

I am going to start doing some cooking blogs again and show you all what I have been working on


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