9 days post op

I haven’t updated in a few days there hasn’t been much change I did attempt to go back to work Thursday and ended up leaving around 2 o’clock because of pain. It’s really strange I have pain on my sides way more than in my breasts. But I have started icing my sides and today they look really bruised but less swollen so I am taking that as a sign of healing. I have been reading the message boards and I think I thought of this as not major surgery but it really is. I changed a few things I was doing and that seems to be helping I’m staying on top of the ibuprofen and taking it every 4 hours which helps with swelling. I am putting arnica on as well a few times a day which helps with bruising, using ice packs on my sides (the reason I’m not using them on my breasts is due to the technique that was used, I was told not to) and I’m using an ace bandage for compression the bras were putting a lot of pressure on the sutures underneath my bra line.

I’ve also started to eat well again, I did tell you about the way I was feeling when I wasn’t eating well. I have noticed when I don’t eat we’ll it can do a number on me mentally. That old nasty inner voice can start up so that was happening which snow balls into other things I’m being hard on myself with the healing. I started feeling like I wasn’t being strong enough and it’s about doing what I need to do to be healthy and not about muscling through. Feeling like I’m taking care of myself again has righted those voices.

Here are some pics of what my sides look like now and the arnica and compression I’m using.






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