It’s a Routine

This past week at WW we talked about routines, I find routines to be incredibly powerfull in my life.  When I was staying home with the kids ( which is a crazy hard job) I was devoid of routine.  It showed, I ate whenever and whatever and didn’t work out.  I couldn’t get my shit together.  I started working again, and boom routine.  I started eating better and not eating all the time.  I am working out, and I don’t even give it a second thought.

Today is a great example, I twisted my ankle at practice Sunday and today I am sore and limpy.  So I skipped the class I take on Tuesdays but I was lost until I decided I can do the bike.  I didn’t want to just sit at my desk, and I was lost as to what to do since it was out of my routine.

I love my routine, and I am so thrilled to be back in that space.  It shows even my husband has comented.  He made dinner last week and was serving everyone, he (with out being asked) put my plate on the scale and asked me how much I could have.  LOVED that!!! It’s even routine for him.  When I said thank you and that I was lucky I know this isn’t the norm for a lot of WW members, his answer was your happier like this and I like that!

Ding ding ding I am happier when I have a healthy routine.  Saturdays are another example.  I take my daughter to work at 7am and my WW meeting starts at 9am.  So I have time to kill now I head to my work and sneak in an extra workout.  This is something I would not get up for if there weren’t other things I had to be up for, but now it is part of a routine.

So last Saturday I started vegan and gluten free.  I can’t guarentee I have been 100% gluten free some of the soy meat might have gluten in it.  But I have been conscious of trying to keep it out of things I eat.  I will say I feel spectacular!  I lost 2.2 pounds, I have had plenty of energy to complete all workouts this week.  Which included roller derby assessments which were pretty brutal.  The biggest change for me…


I have pooped every day!!

TMI end

I will post a whole post on this I think, and I know ewwww but way too many people suffer like I did.  I know because I have talked with people pretty openly about my issues.

So this week has been great, I am down feeling fabulous and I passed first assessments.

Last week and this week I plan on doing this every week but only changing the newest picture



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