Jillian Michaels Podcasts

I have been listening to these for a couple of days at my desk while I’m working, and usually I am not a huge fan.  I watch the biggest loser, I have done her videos and it’s not that I don’t like her but I am not like woohoo Jillian.  But her podcasts are different, she is unedited.  I like her much better when she is unedited and getting her whole message across.

I am listening to a particular one where she is taking about the biggest loser and contestants losing 4lb a week (which is small # for them) and how that is a ridiculous number.  That a person at home even if the scale isn’t moving should keep going and if they feel good and feel like they are getting healthier then the weight will come off.  This goes along with yesterday’s post about small celebrations.  The scale isn’t moving, I weigh in the morning (I have done this for a long time so don’t yell at me it’s information.) and I know it’s not moving.  But I know my eating is spot on, I’m not lying to my tracker and I am moving.  It will happen.  I need to remember that, and needed to hear that today, it will happen.

I like hearing her say 4lb is ridiculous, that the Biggest Loser is unrealistic.  It is we expect those results, we expect to be thin Tuesday when we start the change on Monday.  That’s not reality.  It will never happen like that and my goal is to be healthy not just thin. 



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