Celebrating No Change On The Scale

This weeks topic was celebrating the little successes, I am pretty good at this.  I I had to do that this week I was up .2.  No big deal, I worked out 7 days, I ran, I ate well, it will come off.

I am at what I call my sticky weight, it’s that spot where my body is comfortable, it’s the size that I can maintain with out paying much attention to.  Will I gain if I pay no attention, of course but with minimal effort I can stay here.  Inversly I know it takes effort to get past this point.  So I keep chugging.  I am getting compliments now, people saying I look slim which means that when my body lets go of the weight it will in a big way.


Celebrating those small milestones or non scale victories is HUGE.  If you live and die by the scale that’s what will happen, your emotions will be tied to it.  Why give it that type of power. 


In other news I am trying to go gluten free for the month to see if I notice any real difference, but we have been watching a lot of documentaries in the house and have decided to go back vegetarian/vegan.  So I may have to cut it out then add it back and see if there is a difference with that.  Or I may not add it at all if I feel awesome and don’t want to.


So here I am Saturday morning the day I started gluten free vegan I will keep you updated on how I am doing through out the month and take pictures on Saturday mornings.



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