Why I’m lucky to play a sport

More importantly that I’m lucky to play roller derby. I’m lucky to have met this Derby family,I’m lucky to have met you this group of people that have been excepting and loving and amazing. There’s a reason I get excited to go to anything derby related. It’s these women!! To find a group so empowering is rare. They stand behind you, no matter what they are there, to laugh, to cry, they don’t care if they see you made up, or sweaty and raw. These girls have seen me in all states. Shy and new, kick ass, or raw and vulnerable. I started out scared and lonely when I started, moving to VT was tough on me. But I found a group that welcomed and supported me. Then when I broke my leg they were there. They made meals for my family, stuff that had I done that in regular life I’m not sure I would have gotten the same level of support.

I’m not saying roller derby is for everyone , I’m just so grateful I found this family. I came to a new state and found a new passion for a sport, a group of people that think girls are awesome and can kick ass. Most important I found friends who I’ll hold on my heart for the rest of my days no matter where life takes me. Cvrd will always be part of my soul.

So if your new to am area or maybe you’ve never been active seek out a team find your passion you never know you may end up with more than you bargained for.


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