I have a friend who is going through an injury right now, this is something I know a little bit about. I know the disappointment in your body, the anxiety about not being active, the fear that you’ll gain weight. They are all real feelings and if your going through it, it can be really overwhelming. How do you find an alternate to your current routine? Modifying moves is one way to do it. But that can be scary too. Being the only one in the class to being doing something different or not feeling like you are giving it your all. And the alternative to try something completely new. Then there is the last resort not doing anything at all. Which is the route I took with my ankle break. I don’t recommend this especially if you aren’t a naturally active person. Starting an active lifestyle isn’t easy and restarting it is just as hard if not harder. Because you know what you need to do and how to do it but the mental hurdle can be a tough one to get over. Constantly comparing yourself to where you were and not accepting yourself for your current situation. In the end we need to know that all we can do is out best at this current moment and time. I can’t compare myself to the girl who ran a half marathon because she isn’t exactly who I am today. Someday I want to run another half marathon but today I want to accept that the best I can do is walk mile or two.


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