It’s not about hunger

This journey isn’t about being hungry or having the right information or material’s. It’s about the emotions and baggage that I’m battling. I didn’t gain weight because I was hungry, I gained it when I was bored, or feeling sad and sorry for myself. I’m tired of avoiding feelings, of eating my stress and of consoling myself with food.
More than that I’m tired of being complacent about my health again, of hating my body, of being down right cruel to myself. The last two days I’ve tracked, I feel really good about it. I have stopped with the whole 30 primal restrictions because they aren’t working I need structure but I can find that in weighing and measuring and making sure I eat a good breakfast everyday. These are things I stopped doing. I need to remember that weight watchers wasn’t a punishment it was something I did FOR myself. It was how I took care of myself. I need to get back to the place where that was a good thing. So I’m tracking for me, I’m working out for me and there is no magic that will get me back to the place that hard work and dedication got me, only hard work and dedication will get me there.

So Marissa cut the BS stop hating girl and get to work


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