It’s a choice…

So the book says good choices and bad choices are just that a choice, you don’t accidentally eat bad food you make that choice. So I made a bad food choice Saturday night, I was at the after party and even though I packed snacks and here is where I could give you all the excuses but I’m the one that made the choices.
It’s ok life is all about ups and downs, I did hop right back on Sunday morning and have stuck to it since. I will say I woke up with a massive headache Sunday and it wasn’t from drinking because all I had was 1 beer and 1 glass of wine hours apart. Otherwise I feel pretty great!
And I can’t complain about the food it’s delicious.


We tried bison steak and as out there as it sounds it was awesome!
My go to meal is chicken with avocado and salsa..


Breakfast is the hardest meal for me, I don’t like eggs, they actually make me sick so I’ve had the above for breakfast and today I tried kale and bacon (un cured, nitrate free)


It’s really nice to have hubby on board with this on, he cooked scallops and steak tips with sugar snap peas last night…


So lesson learned I can make bad choices, going out is hard and I’m gonna have to work that out.

In other news my ankle is still super weak, I spent a couple of hours on feet Saturday between the bout and after party and was in a lot of pain. I actually have a bruise on the inside of my ankle. I didn’t bump it or anything so that’s making me a little nervous.


I’m calling my pt and see what she thinks and if I should call my Dr


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