Broken Bones and Broken Promises

It’s no secret that I have haven’t posted in a while, I broke my right leg in April and have been couch bound since.  This not only derailed my life but majorly derailed any form of healthy eating I had going.  Which isn’t saying much.  So all the I’m going to track, follow plan, workout promises I made to myself I broke.  Whatever if I dwell on it it certainly won’t change anything and I won’t change my actions.  I know me I am an emotional eater, something happen that stresses or upsets me I eat.  You can only imagine what a broken limb did to me emotionally.

I’m finally up and walking around.  Not that my eating has changed recently, but I have noticed that when I eat really poorly my body is reacting really poorly.  So today is a new day, I ate well for breakfast and lunch so far and that’s how I’m taking it right now one meal at a time.  Because if I make grand promises I break them and then I feel bad and we all know how this story ends.  I’m doing what I can, I can’t be active right now, I can’t control that but I can control what I’m eating.



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