Signs signs everywhere…

So yesterday I got a smack in the face so to speak. I put on a new pair of tights then I bent over to pick something up and rrrriiiipppp went the seat area of the tights. I have been following WW ish, I am following on days when it’s easy and days that I’m faced with the hard decisions like cake, beer, pie I’m NOT following WW. I’m not sure I’m ready to jump in with both feet again. And I can’t keep fooling myself that what I’m doing is working. I’m starting slow and I’m following simply filling for now, I don’t feel like counting and I feel very uninspired. So salads and lean meats and power foods are easy. And I’m limiting the treats but when I’m out for dinner I’m ok with having a burger,a few beers but I’m not doing this as often. Cutting out the beer/glass of wine or two a night since they are adding up. So I’m not breaking up with WW but I need to have breathing room within this relationship.



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  1. Kim
    Mar 31, 2013 @ 16:40:33

    You know you are an inspiration to so many of us whom you led on the WW journey. You CAN do this, for no one else but you. As you told us, stick to the plan, track and portion control. I have faith in you.



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