Patience Is a Virtue

Suzi wrote about patience yesterday while I wrote about calling myself out on my crap.  We have been texting a lot lately because we seem to be in the same head space.  We both lost over 100 pounds, we both made it to goal.  She was the poster girl, and I was a leader so we both know what it is to be the after for Weight Watchers.  And stuff happens, you move, life gets in the way.  And sometimes you might not be done learning you lessons, and you gain some weight.

But are you any different on the inside?  The answer is NO!  I still feel like me, I feel like I should be able to dress in all my clothes and I can’t.  And boy does that suck!  I love my clothes.  I feel like I should be able to get on the treadmill and bang out 6 miles and I can’t.  I feel like I should be able to lift the same weight I could a year ago, I can’t.  ( yes I know there are a lot of can’t in this but just because I can’t RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean I won’t in the future)

Patience is a virtue, but it’s one I have to work on.  I used to call this in my meetings Veruca Salt syndrome.  ” I want a golden goose and I want it now!”  I want to be back at goal and I want it now, I want to be able to run the distance and I want it now, I want to have my body back and I want it now!

But I can’t have it now.  I have to work at it, I have to put in the time and effort.  I have to put in the miles, the meals, and the time with the weights.  I have to track everyday.  Not just when it’s easy.  I have to say no!

And to be honest even though I gained the weight in the past few months, the bad habits crept in a long time before that.  I was playing the game, I wasn’t faithful or honest in my tracking.  I could do bad one week then be a saint the next and take it off.  But that’s no way to live, it drove me crazy and wasn’t healthy.  I wasn’t cooking as much as I like to, I wasn’t hitting the gym nearly as much.  And I made the excuses I was too busy, I was too tired, I was overworked, blah blah blah.

Now it’s time to put my head down, to do the work and not expect miracles.  It takes time and effort.  AND PATIENCE


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