I Call Bullshit

Lately I’ve realized I’ve been feeding my mind a lot of crap, so today I call BULLSHIT.

When my head says I can’t … I call bullshit!  I can, because I have done it before.  I lost the weight, I pushed my body to places I didn’t believe it could but it did.


When my head says it’s too hard… I call bullshit!  It’s all friggin hard get over yourself.  Being 265 pounds was hard, training for a half marathon was hard, running that 13.1 miles was hard.  But it was worth it.  And I have been to the gym a almost every day for two weeks and it hasn’t been hard, in fact it’s been great.  I feel amazing more productive everytime I go.


When my head says it’s embarassed… I call bullshit! Nobody but you is noticing your muffin top.  Nobody cares that you put on 20 pounds.  No one but you is judging you!


When my head says I’m not worth it or other things are more important… I call bullshit!  Not only am I so worth it but when I feel good my husband and kids get the best me and they deserve the best me.


When I’m too scared to push myself… I call bullshit!  I can push myself and I have in the past!  I have to thank one of the derby ladies from the Twin City Riot who I was practicing with last night and we were skating in a pack and doing stops and immediately I started panicing, saying I don’t like this, I’m not comfortable.  When one of them said well you have to get used to it.  Basically calling my bullshit, so thank you.

Because today I call bullshit!

So here I am after my workout and during my workout sweat and muffin toped but it’s all good cause who cares



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kim
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 17:23:44

    So true! You go!!



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