First the fridge now the freezer

imageYesterday I posted about cleaning out my fridge and making it more friendly for me.  I decided to do the same for my freezer.  I completely emptied it and cleaned it then restocked it.  if you notice the top shelf is all stuff that I stay away from, it’s husband friendly!  (with one exception my soup) I did this because he works a ton of hours and sometimes when he isn’t in the mood for my amazing cooking he eats hot pockets and such.  Next is all the meats and the next two shelves are the veggies!  If you have been in my meetings you’ll now that a staple is the pepper and onion frozen stir fry.  I have several bags of it because it’s so easy to make several meals with.  I also recently found roasted peppers that come frozen which is another amazing frozen veggie!

imageThe door stores my edemame, which is great just as a snack or on a salad.  Loose meats and frozen cheese as well as frozen french fries.  On the bottom shelf is my frozen berries for my smoothies.

imageSpeaking of smoothies, this is another reason I love mason jars they fit on the blender perfectly, so who needs a magic bullet!

image And finally in case you saw a pig fly today this is why!!  I am back baby!  I hit the gym at the university today and I think this is the place I’ll end up it crazy close not expensive and there is a pool!

Training begins!


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