My Fridge

I know this weeks topic is our fridge at WW and I have been reading the Success Handbook out of the 360 kit so I decided to take a look and clean up the fridge


I took everything out of the fridge and cleaned the whole thing down, starting with a clean palate made me feel really good!  Kinda the theme starting clean.  I did this while wearing my skates too!  One to the tips I keep getting is to wear the skates while home just doing anything.  I wasn’t sure it really would help with anything but sure did, I was squatting down cleaning the bottom of the fridge and realized I was squatting in my skates and I didn’t think about squatting in my skates I just did it.  Making the movements second nature, which was awesome cause it’s something I need to work out so I will be wearing my skates more often in the house.


Once I cleaned the fridge I decided to make salad for the week.  I like to keep my salad in mason jars it seems to keep it fresher longer.  I will tell you I sat down for this task it just didn’t seem like a good idea to use a knife while on skates!


I had a helper!


End result 3 jars of salad, I will add to these on the days that I eat them I find avocado turns brown too easy and I like to add different proteins too.


and there you have it a well stocked fridge with the good stuff right in my face and the tempting stuff out-of-the-way!


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