Some times you will fall down…

I fell Sunday at roller derby and bruised my tailbone, sounds more bad ass than it was.  I fell while doing a wall sit 😦 Anyway, the consensus it that this will be one of many falls, which is true.  And I’m ok with that.  Since falling I have been taking care of myself to get better as quick as possible so I can get right back to skating.  How come it’s so easy to take care of myself this way but when it comes to weight loss I am so much harder on myself.  I have had a hard time and I am still struggling with the weight gain since I moved.  Sometimes I’m going to fall of the wagon so to speak.  I am doing better but it’s so hard not to beat myself up for the back slide.

I need to learn to be more forgiving of myself in this area.  I am not beating myself up for falling on my skates at all, so why am I doing that with my weight.  It’s not helping me at all.  Actually it does the opposite the more angry I am with myself the more I eat.  The more frustrated I am I console myself with food.  I need to stop and be nicer and tell myself sometimes you will fall down.  It’s not about whether I will or won’t it’s about when.  Everyone makes mistakes and it’s just getting back up and moving on.  I was talking to Moby on Sunday after I fell and we were talking about some of the things we like about roller derby and I was telling her I like going to the Riots practice because it’s nice to see that even the seasoned skaters fall and that it’s ok with them.  So I am telling you I am a seasoned Weight Watcher and I fell and it’s ok.  I’m back up and moving forward.

One of the other things we talked about was the acceptance of roller derby, I love the way these women cheer each other on.  Even when I am slow as molasses or I am skating backwards they are cheering me on.  I know I am slow, I know I look like a toddler taking its first steps and I am laughing at myself but damn it feels good when someone says great job Marissa or good work.  We don’t do that enough for each other in real life.  I miss that about my meetings, the groups I lead were so positive and supportive of each other and I have yet to find that in a meeting up here which I think is important to me and part if the reason I am so pumped about derby because I found it there.  I need to be ok with the idea that I may not be able to find that wonderful Weight Watcher magic up here and that magic isn’t what got me to goal it was me, it’s time to get up now and keep going.

I think roller derby is helping me do that…



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Barbara Custer
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 14:39:13

    Words to live by! You have said these things to me so many times in different variations and it has helped me through some tough times. Time to take your own advice! You are awesome take those words!



  2. Sharon Tardif
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 15:07:32

    You are worth it. You know what it sounds like to me it sounds like someone forgot to schedule themselves in. Remember take time to care about you!!! Don’t beat yourself up it will come back off! You got this JUST BELIEVE!!!!!



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