Thanksgiving Day Run

I went on  6.4 mile run today, for the first time in a long time I really enjoyed a long run.  My knee is feeling really good which makes running fun again.  Enjoy the view!  I actually climbed a mountain during this run …

I pass 3 covered bridges

I love the falls that are in this area

There is something really cool about running under covered bridges

I love the little trike here

This is where the mountain starts and according to map my run it’s 1223 feet up!

Going up!

Looking down, while I was climbing I was thinking about how things in life are so much like a mountain things feel so hard to do or handle while you are in the thick of it but once at the top the view and so worth it and the other side is so enjoyable!

I love this old gas pump

Beautiful open corn field

I ran into this gentleman heading into the woods to hunt, which as I was running away I was thinking hmmmm maybe not a good idea to wear a shirt with a big turkey on it

I love how it looks like the road just drops off here

Last year VT was hit pretty back by Irene and flooded out a lot of the town, this is one of the houses flooded out.  It’s really sad to see up close.

Remnants of toys from that house

More of the house

There is a train that runs through the center of town

 I love the sunlight behind me

This is what they call the grey building, it was at one point the school for the town.  Now houses the teen center, a dance school and a woman’s fitness center

And since I have stopped and taken a picture of myself at this set of falls every run it’s how I’ll end this post


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