To full or not to full…

This was the question of the run this morning.  I asked my running buddy Laurie if she would be up for doing the Half at the Hamptons with me again this year.  And she said welllll…. have you entertained the idea or a full marathon at all??  Well of course I have but figured a couple years out.  But she has been kinda thinking about it this year.  It would be the same course as the half last year, it does loop so that might be mentally tough but the course isn’t crazy which would be good.  If we signed up and something happened we can always drop back to the half. 


So now it’s a seed in my head, I want to do a full at some point but is this year the year??? Is this the challenge that I mentally need for 2012?? 

Could I be prepared for this??

Will my knee be able to handle the training?

Now I have a decision to make, to full or not to full…




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