Making things hard…

I choose to do a video at home today instead of heading to the gym.  I was thinking while I was walking with Leslie and it occurred to me that I make things so much harder than they need to be.  I have been slacking in activity lately because of my all or nothing attitude, I think if it can’t be a full on gym session or I can’t run the way I used to what’s the point!!  The point is to do what you can get in whatever sweat time you can and count it, 5 minutes is better than none, not to mention the health factor moving is important and not everything needs to be so intense.  I used to be so mentally hard on myself due to my horrible self-esteem and being over weight now I’m super hard on myself if I’m not living up to this standard that I set for myself that maybe isn’t that fabulous to begin with.  I need to change my all or nothing perspective and understand that I don’t have to make things so hard.



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