Goodbye 2011

While everyone is saying bring it on 2012, I am lamenting the end of 2011.  It was an incredible year for me.  I hit goal, reached lifetime, became a leader, maintained my weight for 6 months, run many races including my first half marathon.  I am sad to see the year come to a close. 

I am so proud of myself, this past year has been amazing.  I’m not sure where next year will take me but I’m not sure it can top this one. 

I am trying to come up with goals for 2012 but I am having a hard time coming up with any, yes I am going to do the half again as well as some bike touts.  Yes I will still be maintaining my loss and I would like to lose another 10# (Which is another blog I will be writing), but a real goal I’m excited about isn’t coming to me.  This makes me a little melancholy for the new year. 

I’ll keep thinking and let you know what I come up with.



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  1. Renee aka Pinky (@pinkypie)
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 05:48:25

    You know, why not just have a goal to continue being the most AMAZING you that you can be? There’s no hard and fast rule that says you HAVE to come up with this extensive list of things you are going to accomplish. In my opinion goals can be made at anytime during the year and who knows… things sometimes just naturally happen and “voila!” the goals come to you.

    You’ve had a fantastic year, celebrate it and carry on your good feelings into 2012!




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