Knowing Your Limitations

I have been training for a half marathon for months now, this is no secret.  I have been totally excited about it, and then about 2 months ago I started having issues.  I had an arch problem where I had to take time off and rest, then I start running again and my left knee is having pain on the outside.  I am having IT band issues.  With all of this I have been angry at my body, depressed that I can’t do what I want, and now I am accepting the limitation and moving forward.  I can’t run for long periods but I can walk, so I am running for 5 minutes, then walking for 3 for as long as I can then walking the rest.  I am keeping up my training just modifying it.  I am still doing the half marathon I am just not doing it the way I wanted to in the beginning and I had to come to terms with that, I wanted to run it, run across the finish line.  That isn’t a reality for my now, so I will finish just in a different way.




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