I’m a Dirty Girl!!

Today I ran theWarrior Dash , this is one of those races that’s an obsticle course in the mud! It has been raining here for days so this course was extra muddy.

Here I am on my way there all nice and clean!
Getting there was easy this was only 20 minutes from me, but parking was crazy. They had all kinds of parking lots because they underestimated the amount of cars and I had an early wave, I feel for the people who had to park after me.
Here is a shot of the traffic just waiting to get to the parking lot.  Once all parked in the lot

We then had to wait in line to get on the shuttle bus

At least it wasn’t a long wait, and it wasn’t a long ride to the Sports park where the Dash was held.

We started the dash by running up this hill!    Once we were at the top of this hill we had to traverse down through the mud, this felt like it went on forever.  My only concern with coming down this was falling or blowing my knee and then my running for this year is done.  So I like most people took it slow holding on to trees on my way down.  Once down I was able to pick up the pace a little and did run where I could but it was tough with all the mud even on the flatter areas.  We had to weave our way through bungee ropes and over waist-high walls then under barbed wire.  I was fine getting through most of this, I did at this point fall a few times and was covered in mud.  We then had to climb over a wall which I did not do.  I am terrified of heights, I can’t even stand on a chair without getting dizzy, I grabbed the rope and looked up and froze so I chose to walk around this one… BUT I did climb the big one!!!!



The one at the top of the last hill was cargo netted on both sides so I climbed it and then back down the other side, I was so proud of myself! 

We then just ran down the hill slid on the mud and over the cargo net bridge. 

 I had a great time, it was tough and I couldn’t run a lot of it, but it was challenging.  My legs are sore now!

 After the race I grabbed a beer, and took some pics of all the other crazies doing this today.

I was so happy to have a beer at this point I was covered in mud, no ones shoes should look like this!

I also grabbed one of those giant turkey legs (which I never will again, I don’t see the appeal) ( and I will say my arms are looking good in this pic!)

After this I headed back to my truck where I changed in the parking lot and couldn’t wait until I got home for a shower!

I really did had a great time at this race, it wasn’t about time or distance this was just having fun in the mud and getting to be a dirty dirty girl!

Next year I’m dressing up for it!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 23:05:19

    Awesome! I totally would love to do this. And yes, your arms are looking jacked!!



  2. Olivia Jane
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 15:49:12

    I love that you did this! I wanted to do it this year, but don’t quite feel fit enough. I’d probably die… I agree w/ Sarah – your arms are total guns.

    PS – it’s me, Glam… 😉 New blog. Keeping it pretty anon this time around…



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