100 Facts

  1. I have only been on the east coast.
  2. My eyes are a greenish yellow much like a cats
  3. I wanted to have a huge amount of children until I had them 3 is plenty
  4. I think the want to have so many kids comes from being an only child of a single parent
  5. I grew up with my mom living in the first floor apt of my grandparents house
  6. I went to catholic school through 10th grade
  7. I left after my chemistry teacher harassed me telling me I was a dumb blonde
  8. I’m not things come pretty easily for me
  9. But I get insanely frustrated if things aren’t easy for me
  10. I was 16 when I got pregnant with my oldest child
  11. and 20 with my second.
  12. I lost my mother when my oldest we 2 months old
  13. I miss my mother still
  14. I abused myself for years with drugs booze and boys after she passed
  15. it took me a long time to crawl out of that hole
  16. I think I am stronger for all of it but I hate when people feel bad for me
  17. I have gone back to school twice but still have no degree
  18. I married an amazing man who for the first time I let take care of me
  19. I have major anxiety and am a control freak
  20. I need a plan and make lists several times a day
  21. I will own my house in 3.5 years
  22. I feel guilty because I didn’t enjoy being a mother when I had my first 2 kids but love it now that I am older
  23. I tore my ACL and had surgery to replace it 5 years ago but never finished the physical therapy
  24. So now it doesn’t bend all the way
  25. My husband and I have very different personalities.
  26. I can’t believe how happy I am right now in my life
  27. sometimes I get very scared that this isn’t real and everything will change in an instant
  28. My youngest son’s name is actually my maiden name.
  29. I am extremely trusting and this has caused me huge problems in the past
  30. I once hit myself in the head with a bowling ball
  31. I am extremely clumsy, my family called me grace growing up
  32. I never felt like I fit in anywhere until recently
  33. My grandfather died on my birthday and my mother died on my father’s birthday
  34. I am not sentimental at all and I don’t keep things.
  35. I used to run in high school and I am so glad I found it as an adult
  36. I have a horrible memory
  37. I love numbers and do excel spreadsheets to calm myself sometimes
  38. I can’t bake to save my life I burn everything
  39. but I am an incredible cook and love it
  40. I make almost every meal my family eats
  41. we have only eaten out 4 times in the past year
  42. I m born on the last day of Aquarius or first day of Pisces depending on what magazine you read
  43. My middle son has mental health issues
  44. I teeter between loving him fiercely and not wanting to be around him
  45. That makes me feel really guilty as a mom
  46. I used to be a complete slob
  47. now clutter really bothers me
  48. I love naps
  49. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats
  50. I didn’t set out to be vegetarian but I am glad I am now
  51. I grew up taking dance and gymnastics and miss dance a lot
  52. when I am having a hard time I tend to disappear and become introverted
  53. I hate heights
  54. I have always been very girly and love make up
  55. I don’t have one style but love playing with different styles
  56. I want to go back to school and be something completely different when I reenter the work force
  57. I would love to work for weight watchers some day as a leader
  58. I was never emotional before losing all the weight now I cry all the time and my husband doesn’t know how to deal with it
  59. I fall in and out of love with social media some times it feels like too much work
  60. I love being home with my youngest child now
  61. but have a really hard time with not being independent anymore.
  62. my step mother and I have a checkered past with one another and I still don’t completely trust her
  63. as a result my father and I are not very close.
  64. my youngest brother is just 3 years older than my oldest child
  65. I love all of the real housewives reality shows
  66. I am told I have a very strong personality
  67. I love hearing that it reminds me of my mom
  68. I worry that I put my mother on a pedestal because she passed but I think she really was as cool as I think she was
  69. I have never played an instrument even though my dad is in a band
  70. I love going to see my dad’s band play they are awesome
  71. I have a shopping problem when it comes to grocery shopping I would spend hundreds if I could
  72. I have ADD both of my brothers and my father do too
  73. I know how to drive a stick shift
  74. My first standard car was my favorite car to drive.
  75. I talk in my sleep
  76. I really love my eyes they are a pretty shade of green
  77. my daughter is named after a car but not a well-known car name
  78. my older son was named while I was at work and a woman was yelling at her son using his name and I thought that’s it that is the baby’s name
  79. My youngest first name is my maiden name
  80. I met my husband through online dating.
  81. I can’t remember much of my childhood, not because of anything bad just have no memory
  82. I love having painted toes but hate painting them
  83. I come across as really outgoing but have really bad social anxiety
  84. I don’t like most other people’s children
  85. when I first met my husband I wasn’t sure what I thought of him
  86. he’s says he knew right away
  87. I used to coach cheer-leading and miss it some days
  88. I once waxed my eyebrows off
  89. I used to have 8 piercings not including my ears
  90. I have 3 tattoos and don’t like 2 of them but love one
  91. I love running but it really hurts my knees
  92. I know that I won’t have a fast pace for running but I am really happy to be consistent
  93. I love taking classes at my gym
  94. sometimes I feel like I don’t quite fit in with anyone
  95. I really hate when people don’t like me or are mad at me it bothers me
  96. I have discovered I love to bike
  97. I would like to get my motorcycle license one day and own a bike
  98. I have died my hair blue before
  99. sometimes I really think I have got it made
  100. I did not post this to Facebook so I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings

Thanks for reading!


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A Girl Who Loves Cupcakes
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 00:58:56

    Loved learning more about you, its almost like your life story in 100 questions. I may have to do this too!



  2. Heidi
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 01:23:26

    You rock!



  3. Adrienne
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 19:41:21

    Like you said with mine .. we’re so similar, but yet so different. I’m so glad we found one another!



  4. Trixie
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 22:55:07

    So many that I can identify with!

    I do find it odd how many of us feel like we never quite fit in, yet we always seem to find similar feelings and interests to each other. Hmmm…

    Anyway, Love this! Thank you for sharing!



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