Weekly Weigh in

This week I am up 2.2 but I don’t have a good reason like I said to my leader I didn’t eat a cake so I am not going to worry about it I will keep on keeping on and it will come off.  I actually believe I am not eating enough I have picked up my running and working out and haven’t increased eating in fact I had more weeklies than usual.

The meeting topic this week was “shake it up” meaning  just that try new foods and do something active different.  I plan on doing that this week I have yoga on my netflix instant key that I have been putting off but this week I plan on adding that to my activity I know it’s great to add if you’re a runner for stretching and strengthening.

We are running our first outdoor run tomorrow with the running club, I am so excited to get out there.  I haven’t run outside is a while, I miss and love it.  I think it’s so much nicer to run outside.  We are meeting at the gym and going from there.

Monday and Tuesday are my last days of work, I am looking forward to really starting my new routine.  I really love being home and feel so accomplished on the days I am.  I get my gym time in without sacrificing family time which I used to feel as if I was doing that.  I also cook more intricate recipes (more food recipes coming soon) and I am here for the older ones and can talk and share time with them now. 


Here I am ealier this week in a skirt that is actually too big on me!


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