This weeks meeting topic was hunger. 

We talked in our meeting about knowing the difference between hungry, full, and bursting.  And what each means to us. 

Hungry for me is when I am light-headed, growling stomach and dizziness.  I need to be careful when I get like this I get panicky, I start to think I need to eat more than I really do.  I don’t like when I get really hungry, mentally or physically.  Part of this journey is recognizing before I become starving and eating in moderation, because I am not starving. 

Eating to satisfaction is key, but how do you recognize when you have eaten to satisfaction and haven’t overdone it.  How do you know what full feels like when full for so long has been when my stomach hurts.

I eat off salad plates for everything and don’t have the food at the table I serve from the stove so if I want more I have to get up for another serving.  This makes me think, it makes me evaluate if I am really hungry or if I should stop.  I also eat with smaller forks and spoons, this extends the time it takes for me to eat.  It gives my body the time it needs to send the signal to my brain that I am full. 

We talked about the bursting, that overfull awful feeling.  I have felt this a few times since being on plan.  The times I have felt like this have been when I have either allowed myself to become deprived and starving or if I was driven to eat for emotional reasons.  I associate this with pain, my stomach aching, being tired, not wanting to move.  This is a feeling I hate.  And a feeling I don’t want to feel again.  That being said I am not saying I won’t feel this again I do my best to be realistic, I will have set backs and slip ups and so will you that is part of life.  It’s picking yourself up realizing that their will be set backs and slip ups recognizing it and moving on.

This week I had a great week, we went to the farmers market last Sunday and had a good time there.  I picked up a few items.

 I got this great raspberry wine for Valentine’s day for me and the hubby to have wine champagne spritzers.  They had venders from the state selling a number of things, since it’s winter there aren’t a whole lot of fresh stuff available there was potato’s and winter veggies there.  But there was also grains, so I grabbed the evening mix and the morning mix from a local organic vender.  The evening mix is Kumat, rye, spelt, and hulless barley berries, I have been using a 1/4 cup in my salad and it’s awesome!  And the morning mix is millet, steel-cut oat, quinoa and buckwheat, this is a great breakfast I make it ahead of time and mix it with banana or pumpkin and other spices.

I love going to things like the farmers market because there are things here you won’t find at the supermarket and it makes you step outside your comfort zone for eating.

I worked out 3 days this week but burned just over 2000 calories!!

I have been back to dressing the way I like at work now that we had a break in the snow!! I kinda miss getting dressed up all the time now that I am home, makes no sense to throw on all the skirts and heels when you aren’t leaving the house.

I am down another 2 pounds this week which gives me a total of 79 pounds, and 8 pounds from goal! 

This week I am going to stick to my tracking even though I expect to go over a few days this week since it’s my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!

Have a great week everyone!


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