Sticking With It (Weekly Weigh In)

This week I was up .2

here is what I tweeted from the meeting.

rissamama3 Marissa Greene Up .2 no big deal still down 77 🙂 (@ Weight Watchers (Plaistow))

And it isn’t a big deal, I ate mindlessly on Friday night, my husband and I had to go to pick up his truck since he has his work truck at home.  We left at 8 and I wanted to stop for a coffee at Dunks on our way.  We pulled into the drive through and my husband wanted a chocolate bagel twist and I thought mmmm chocolate so I tried to order the Triple Chocolate Muffin this has a whooping 630 calories!!! Thank god they were out. So I ordered a chocolate bagel twist instead for 340 calories and it didn’t taste as good as it did in my head so I gave half away.   I also had a second portion of my chili on Friday so between the bagel twist late at night and the extra helping I can see where a .2 came from. 

The topic this week was sticking with it what to do when you have a set back.  (aka a gain!)

We talked a lot about positive self talk, instead of the negative things we say to berate ourself for gaining.  This is so hard for us we are so used to hating on ourself it’s really hard to love yourself and talk nice to yourself.  I still slip into this from time to time.  But not yesterday!!!  .2 I got that in the bag!  I will have a loss next week. 

They asked what we say to ourselves to keep us going.  One person said that it’s not about the weight it’s about being healthy and that is a good one because I can tell you I have gotten on the scale more than once and had a gain or stayed the same but worked out more and ate better so you have to tell yourself I was healthier this week than before and it will happen the scale will move. 

I always think to myself I LIKE this life so much more than my old life.  I wasn’t LIVING I was breathing and my heart was beating but I wasn’t getting out there and LIVING.  Now I go out and ride my bike, I go out and run in the beautiful outdoors.  I can bend down on the floor and play hide and seek across the bed with my two year old without feeling like I am going to pass out from bending down and popping up! 

I think about what I have seen other people say, this one is from a blogger I read a lot  BitchCakes she said in a recent post “I didn’t work hard I worked consistently” this statement has stuck with me.  I love this it’s true because you can do  workout for a week and think I worked hard but if you don’t work consistently than you aren’t doing what you have to do to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You have to be consistent to succeed. 

Another tool we discussed in the meeting was to create an anchor, this means to find something that grounds you brings you back to what this journey is really about, my anchors are my meetings, my blog, and my friends, I love talking about my journey and helping my friends with theirs anytime I hear that I have inspired someone it  re ignites my fire!  It gives me a boost every time!

So if you have a setback, be nice to yourself and remind yourself what your really doing this for. 

I went out to my girlfriends yesterday and wanted to show you guys a picture I think I looked great I loved the way my hair and makeup came out.


This week I will track and workout at least 4 times.

I am also going to the local winter farmers market today and will be posting about that!


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