My Thoughts on The Oprah Vegan Challenge

Yesterday Oprah aired the show where she and 378 of her staffers took the challenge to eat vegan for a week, I was at work while it was airing but so a lot of reactions on twitter.  Some from vegan which were upset at just skimming the surface of being vegan and others from meat eaters who wouldn’t give up meat.  I don’t think the show was geared towards vegans but it was done very well to get the majority of people watching that were curious to consider where their food was coming from and be mindful about what they are eating.  I enjoyed the show, I liked the things they had to say and yes I agree they didn’t explore a lot of what vegans or vegetarians eat or how they eat but I think that’s a personal journey. 

We became vegetarian this past year but we did it gradually.  Last year my husband had seen a Dr Oz episode where he recommended removing animals with 4 legs from your diet for 30 days, and we did this.  After the 30 days we felt so good we kept it up, then we dropped chicken from our diet eventually turkey and seafood as well.  We now no longer eat meat of any kind.  I have been hesitant to label us vegetarian because as a former meat-eater I felt that label would or could cause some judgement.  Sometimes there is a stigma with a preference like this and that comes more from other people not understanding.  We didn’t do this for some political reason it just made sense for us.  We have fell into a great routine and have found some fabulous recipes.  We are trying to move away from meat substitutes that mimic the meat we used to eat.  While dropping meat we have found new foods and discovered other cultural foods.  I think part of the reason we have been so successful is that it has been our journey our way with no influences.  We weren’t told how to eat or why we should become vegetarian, this has been on our terms.  After eating this way for some time we have found other reasons we like being vegetarian whether they be moral or ethical.  I am glad we eat the way we do now but I think it’s very important to not impose this way of thinking on anyone else.  Most of my friends are meat eaters, and I respect that choice just because it’s not the right choice for me anymore I think it’s everyone’s decision how they want to eat.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth A. Chiofalo
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 08:11:23

    For someone deciding to take the vegan journey, this is the book to start with. It is short and sweet and gives you assignments to do each day on your journey to being vegan.



  2. Debbie
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 18:58:30

    i think i might try that 30 day meat with 4 legs challenge. though idk if Sean could do it because he is just so in love with steak. i used to eat steak like once every couple months before he got it’s at LEAST once a month. unhealthy!



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