Busting the Door Down…

This is how I am describing my attack for 2011.  I am bursting with excitement at what 2011 holds for me.  I am ready, I feel like I am in the right place that this is the right time.  I am overwhelmed at the possibilities this coming year brings.  I have had New Years, drunken drama filled ones, quiet home bound ones.  But something in me has changed this past year I have grown and changed, and 2011 can only be bigger, brighter, and better!!!

I am ready, I am ready to take on the challenges and changes to come.  I am ready for what life has in store for me and to live up to my potential.

How great is that I am ready to show the world what I got and to live up to my potential!!!!

I ran my last mile of 2010 tonight and tomorrow I will run the first 3 of 2011. 

Are you ready for this ride???


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monika
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 23:01:00

    Awesome. I am so happy for you! Happy New Year!!!



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