When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange…

And today I start rearranging… (did you read that title with peter brady singing in your head?)

The day is here when Weight Watchers rolls out the new PointsPlus on their web site. I have converted to the PointsPlus in my etools but will be paper tracking this week the old way as my meeting and official PointsPlus start will be Saturday. So this week I will be practicing my PointsPlus and will be learning everything I can so I am an informed Weight Watcher I like to be.

I already told my leader Saturday that I would be doing my regular week but would be getting as caught up as possible on the PointsPlus in other words I will be obsessing all week. But I wouldn’t be me if that wasn’t the case, I am a planner and need to have control the unknown freaks me out.

I have converted on the web this morning and started tracking for what I ate this weekend. I am interested in all the points values and my daily points are up to 29 which is totally something I have to wrap my head around. This plan will definitely take some getting used to and some focus. This is just what I need! I am stupid excited for this change. The way I see it right now the program is focusing on the whole picture and not just a few numbers. They are looking at the whole food and its value not just low calorie and fat but high in fiber. In fact I just realized calories aren’t even coming into play in the new system! This is going to make you focus on good for you foods with good for you nutrition. This makes my day I can eat bananas and oranges and apples and pears oh my!!! Now my sweet potatoes aren’t free but they are only a fall fetish of mine so it’s ok. Plus they are a great food for you.

As I learn more and begin my new WW journey as always I will keep you posted! Chin up this is exciting stuff!


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