When Life Hands You Lemons…

You throw them at people!!

I have been bitching the past few days about my teeth I went to the dentist last night and it turns out I have two abscessed teeth and an impacted wisdom tooth. SON OF A…… I go in Friday for impressions as I will need plates to replace the teeth and then on Wednesday the 24th (yes the day before Thanksgiving) I will be getting them pulled. I will be pretty out of commission for Thanksgiving; I plan on making a soup to take with us so I can have that and the soft stuff.

BUT the pain will be gone! I will be so happy when that happens. OK well the ongoing never ending twinges in my jaw will be gone and the pain of the surgery will be temporary pain that will go away and I will be on the good drugs while healing.

While I am healing I have had to drop out of two races I had signed up for, I was thinking of walking the one on the 28th but was told it wouldn’t be a good idea if my blood pressure rose. I may set back my healing because I could reopen the site where the tooth was, so bummer on that. I did contact the two running clubs sponsoring them asking to have the money credited towards a future race. I will be doing my 10K this weekend even if I have to take it slow. I have a Santa hat and socks ready for me!

The other part besides having to take a step back from working out is I will need to really watch my eating as I won’t have my ass kicking’s er um workouts to offset this. And I will have to eat really soft foods for a little bit… so I am researching soups I can make ahead of time so I can freeze and reheat, I am looking into smoothies for my best options. I will be tracking points through all of this.

At the end of it all I will be healthy again and ready to take on the changes at WW and charge forward.


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