Coming Around

I have come back around the past 2 weeks on to plan and on to my workouts again. I am down 4.8 which is .2 shy of my 2 weeks of gains. I am .8 from losing 70 pounds total which is huge.

I feel renewed. I am happy with my eating right now and I have started to get back into my DVD’s since it’s not ok to run in the pitch black in my area and I am NOT a morning person. I tried it last year and was successful to an extent but none of my runs ever felt like good runs in the morning. So I will run when I can on the weekends mostly and keep moving in other ways in between until I can get my hands on a treadmill.

I do have my Jingle bell run this coming weekend which will be my first 10K I am pumped I have a hat and I am going to Target tomorrow hoping to get my hands on some Christmas socks to wear too.

My leader stopped me in my tracks saying she expected me to hit the wall I was too all in and there wasn’t enough balance in my life. It made me really think and take a step back and she was right I was working out or running or something to the point where I just got too tired. Yes I would still drink but mostly just on Saturday night cause weigh in was Saturday morning so I was cutting off my social life on Fridays or I have been eating so on plan that when I slipped I was eating ice cream from the container and peanut butter from the jar (mmmmm peanut butter) I have learned I can keep that craving at bay for the most part with powdered peanut butter by putting it in my oatmeal and such.

I am learning the tricks and I think I will never stop learning, which is half the fun.

I am excited to hear about the changes to WW but I can’t lie I am a little scared. I have been doing to for almost 11 months now and I have my menus down and my points stored in my head and what about my one point beer. I have all these questions and I am a list maker planner type. I get anxious when I don’t know everything so all this teaser info is driving me bananas. I am a spoiler alert type of girl.

So stay tuned for the changes, I will keep you in the loop.

I am running a 10K Saturday then a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving (anyone in the NH area interested in doing the turkey trot with me I can send you the info I would love company.)


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