Weekly Menu

I did my menu early this week, so I am putting it up now. I found a couple new recipes on Weight Watchers. I have 2 nights of pizza up there well 3 really but we are big on the home made pizza I can make it extra healthy!

Friday – I am doing a peppers and onion pizza on whole wheat dough but saving a small section at the end to just put herbs on and no cheese or sauce for me and I am going to pile salad on it. ( I saw this suggestion on the site and think it will be good!)

Saturday – I am making another pizza but this is an eggplant and sliced tomato pizza on a whole wheat dough. With a little fat free feta sauce and part skim mozzarella

Sunday – I am making Macaroni and Cheese with Brocoli

Monday – Tortilla pizza’s ( we do this every week as I am at spinning class and the fam can fend for themselves.)

Tuesday – Spinach Gnocchi ( I am so excited to make this)

Wednesday – Mama Mia Vegetable Pie

Thursday – Chili

Are you prepared for the week? How will you handle dinner?


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