Small Changes Add Up

This week our meeting topic was slow and steady wins the race, appreciating the small losses. The slogan my leader had up was 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 why don’t we appreciate? This is a great point we are in such an instantanious society that we expect this to be an overnight experience. The problem with that is there is no short cut to weight loss, if you lose really fast you haven’t done the internal work to identify the real problem to make the changes for life.
Those .2 .4 add up and those changes that happen so subtly, those are the ones that we make part of ourselves, those are the changes that aren’t hard to make and the ones that stick.   If we do the work and make the changes a little at a time and give ourselves the time to work on the inside then we are more likely to be successful over the long haul.

I lost .8 this week and I have learned not to expect anything when I get on that scale I may think I had a great week and I lose .2 and there are times that I am ready for a gain and find  I lose over a pound.  So .8 this week gave me enough to hit 65 pounds getting me another .8 closer to my goal.

I am willing to put in the work inside and out, and I know this time I will get to goal and this is a change I want to last for life.

 I rode my bike to and from my meeting this week again but this time I went the long way to add miles, and on the way there the rode I chose to take was going to be uphill most of the way.  I decided to ride this way and kept telling myself the whole way up that if I never challenged myself how would I ever know my real potential.  It felt great when I made it to the top I felt accomplished.

I was on my way home, coming up another tough hill when a cyclist passed me and said we’re almost there (scaring the hell out of me) unfortunately about 20 minutes later I pulled up on two police officers and this cyclist on th ground, I did ask if he was ok and they said he was fine just going to the hospital as precaution.  Freaked me out, thank god he was wearing a helmet, I just started wearing mine and that was a wake up call.  I won’t go out with out mine again as this was a real cyclist with a road bike, the outfit and all. 

After coming home I did take Brat 2 to therapy and went to a coffee shop around the corner for mommy time I had pumpkin spice latte and a chocolate muffin as a treat for myself.  This is something I won’t do every week (well maybe the latte with a low-fat milk) but I just tracked them and they were a combined 18 points!  ouch! eh that’s life. Which is why I love Weight Watchers I can do things like that.

I will track this week and I bought a 3 month journal and would like to start using that, I love etools and will continue to use that but I think I would like to have a written version as well.

I will run at least once this week again and take my body combat class, hubby will walk with me twice this week and I plan on bringing my weights with me to up my heart rate.

 I have three weeks before my CPP test so I need to conentrate on that too.


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