Thursday Night Party Heidi Style

I take a Body Combat class on Thursday nights that I talk about a lot. I wanted to do a post focusing on this class and what it means to me.

This is one class I do everything to avoid missing because of many reasons and I wanted to feature this fabulous class and the reasons I go to it. I know everyone has their one activity that makes them feel incredible their one activity that they hate missing. This is mine. I like to run it clears my head but I can skip it without much thought, I like biking but there are times that I opt for something else, but on Thursday nights I opt for nothing but this.

First let’s talk about Heidi she is the instructor and just about the coolest women on the planet. She is a boxer so this class was made for her! Which adds to her cool factor, plus she has a really great personality which makes her approachable and keeps you coming back to class. She loves this class you can just tell. And secretly I think she loves making sure your ass is sufficiently kicked!
Here she is striking her pose!

Her Daughter even knows some of the moves and is about the cutest little girl (Hi Bridgette!)

So with such a great instructor this class quickly became one of my favorites.  But it’s not the only thing I love about it.

I get this great cathartic release from this class, with all the punching and kicking there is no better stress reliever, Zoloft couldn’t compare.

Everytime I take this class I go through a range of emotions and by the end they are all released, if I am angry going in I am not coming out.  If I don’t feel like doing it 10 minutes and I am all in.  And on days when I am all for it I feel like I am fighting my old self, the old me that had a life of complacency, that settled for a life of less.  I will never be that girl again and I will fight everyday to never go back there.  I may not be at goal but I have never been happier than I am right now in my life and this class contributes to that. 

 I started this gym down about 40 pounds I am now sitting at 64 pounds lost and 24 of those are in huge part thanks to this gym.  I am stronger because of this class I feel muscles in my arms and legs and this class works me like no other.  I leave there every time feeling stronger and leaner.  There are times that I feel like a fighter and couldn’t be happier or more grateful to feel that feeling. 

So Heidi thank you, thank you for teaching a class that is more than just a class to me, it’s my Thursday night therapy session or as you put it my Thursday night party!!! And here’s a pose for you!


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