planning a night on the town

I am going to the show “Wicked” next weekend with a friend and we are going to eat out that night, we have chosen a great little place for a quick bite that will be low on points and we can grab a drink or two before the show!

We have printed out the menu and looked over for the entrees for the best choices; this is a great example of one of the weight watcher tools for living; planning. In fact this outing is a great way to use some of those tools. I have planned out where we will go and will be making a smart informed decision on what I will eat.

I know that I am going to have a great night and I have learned that eating doesn’t need to be part of the social occasion there is no difference in the time I will have if I am chatting over some chicken and broccoli or a plate of wings. Scratch that there is I will still feel good after the chicken and broccoli instead of over stuffed and bloated, I won’t be beating myself up for the rest of the night instead I will be enjoying a great show.

I am mentally rehearsing the night, seeing myself eat the dinner being satisfied and being able to walk away from the meal. I see myself enjoying a beer or drink and doing all this mindfully.

I have used my tool of reframing and not making the night about the dinner and thinking “oh I deserve a big dessert and fabulous dinner” I am living my life on the plan, after all this is a change for the rest of my life. I am changing the way I believe a social situation should be.

I am going focus on the fact that I am enjoying a night out with an old friend, one which our relationship isn’t based on food. It helps that she is on the plan too, but I think at this point I would be either skipping dinner out or using my tools for living either way.

I am going to use the tool of anchoring to remind me of my weight loss goal and not let temptation ruin that, I am going to enjoy wearing one of my outfits in my smaller size that I feel comfortable in.

Lastly I will talk positively to myself and relish in the fact that I can be proud of myself for making good decisions, feel accomplished that I can have a night out and still be good to myself.

All this doesn’t mean that I never indulge and it doesn’t mean that I can’t it just means that I would rather make better decisions. I am also finicky about eating out I like to know what’s in my food. I would rather indulge in something fantastic I make than feel cheated if I eat some high point meal that I am only so so about.
What do you do to prepare for times when you will be eating out? Or do you wing it?


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