Feeling the Difference

OK I promised myself I would get back to blogging since I haven’t in so long.  I have been so busy with work and studying, plus my middle one has had a rough go for the last month and a half.  I am in the process of finding him a new home health aide as the one we currently have can not handle him.

I have been doing well with the weight loss, I am now down 60 pounds which feels amazing.  I had a rough July, my mother passed 14 years ago in July and it messes with me every year.  I usually don’t realize that it has thrown my whole month off until August comes and I feel different, and this July was no different.  I was up and down on the scale all  month-long, my excercise was eh.  But August rolls around and I can run 2.5 miles straight without any walking I can feel my body making some amazing changes I am stronger and can feel that.  My resolve is back  and better than ever. 

I went for a run tonight with my husband and I jogged the whole thing again but this time I talked with my husband the whole time.  Talk about progress 3 months ago I couldn’t run 60 seconds now I can run 32 minutes straight  as well as jog 45 minutes while chatting and not feel like I will keel over, actually tonight I wanted to keep going but my husband couldn’t.

This week I am tracking everything getting activity at least 6 days, this week they talked about stopping the eat a thon in my meeting and identify you are having one and how to stop it.  I need to work on this I am a huge boredom eater and I do this at home or some days at work when I am having a slow day.  I will be mindful this week of what I put in my mouth and try to really enjoy what I am eating so that I am not just shoveling it in.

for non weight loss goals I am going to read my assigned chapter as I have been slacking on that as well.


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  1. josie
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 12:56:53

    I know this was posted a couple of weeks ago, but I hope you’re still doing well and on track. I had a rough July too, but we can only get better from here!



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