Check in

I just wanted to check in, I am feeling fabulous tonight.  I couldn’t be happier I had a great workout tonight, last night I tried and failed a few times to get on the treadmill last night.  I just couldn’t do it, I didn’t have it in me so I gave in and relaxed.  I was mentally done for the night.  Today I was worried that because of all the crap going on with my middle child and the stress I would back slide but today I got myself to the gym and worked it out!  I did 30 minutes on the treadmill still doing week 2 of the c25k but did run 2 whole minutes and my pace has gotten much faster.  Then I hoped off and on to the bike for 45 minutes which is more than I ussually do so I feel great tonight!

I am ready for my 5k I feel it! 

I have weigh in tomorrow and will check in quick and a long post hopefully sunday night with pictures from the 5k!


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