Why I want to stress east this week

I usually like to keep stuff this private to myself, but I think I need the support more than I need to be anonymous.

I have 3 kids, 14, 10 and 2.  My 10 year old has Asperbergers Syndrome, which if you are unfamiliar is one of the Autism Spectrum disorders, I call it Autism light.  It usually travels with a boat load of companions such as ADHD, Bi Polar, OCD, PDD.  Lucky us my little guy has all of these.

He has a team of professionals that he sees all the time, we have a social therapist that he sees weekly, a family therapist that comes to the house every other week, a psychotherapist he sees every other week, a psychiatrist he sees monthly, a neurologist we see annually and an endocrinologist we see every six months.  You would think we were covered right??  Wrong.  He has a massive food obsession.  Have you ever seen the show obsessed?  How about Hoarders?  He is kinda the best of those shows mixed.  He will hoard his toys, if there is a box of “free” stuff that would be left from a yard sale in the neighborhood he is all over it.  Food is the big issue though, he not only hoards it but he binges on it, to the point were he will get physically ill.  As a result we have pad locked our refrigerator and cabinets.  He still takes stuff that he shouldn’t when he has a chance, but lately he has been so bold as to get the keys from my purse and take food that way.  In the past 3 days we have found, a box of cinnamon toast crunch, box of 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels, 4 puddings stuffed behind the TV in the play room, ice cream wrappers stuffed behind his bed, popsicle sticks… and a package of refrigerated cookie dough (salmonella anyone?) He actually ate a package of Whey Protein shake a friend had given my husband to try that was left on the counter which can’t be very yummy when you’re just eating the powder.  We have been “working” on this issue for a year now and I feel like we have gained no ground.  He told his social therapist yesterday that he doesn’t care what consequence there is he will take any food he can and eat it.

So all this is going on this week and I am a stress eater, I want to go and buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream sit on the couch with a spoon and a blanket and eat and cry.  I feel so helpless part of me wants to give him what he wants to eat the problem is he doesn’t know how to stop at all he will make himself violently ill, part of me feels like we are making it worse by locking it up because how much more tempting is food when you can’t have it.  But there is no alternative he HAS eaten a weeks worth of groceries in 2 days and I can’t spend unlimited money on my groceries not to mention he can’t process simple carbs well and throws up all over the place where ever he is at the time.  The therapists don’t have an alternative ether.  I just had yet another conversation with a therapist that said  “sorry I don’t have any answers for you, we are having a meeting at the end of the month”  URGHHHHH yesterday I did week 1 day 2 of the C25K and didn’t want to go home so I walked another half hour.  It’s looking dark out there today and I really would rather walk than eat with this stress today.  At least I can get on the treadmill at home…

I know this was a long post and if you made it through it thank you for reading it, this helped just getting it out even if no one reads it.

And thank you Brandon at solongfatass.com for you reply to my tweet about stress eating you kept me on plan yesterday.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. erintakescontrol
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 16:18:26

    Kudos to you for dealing with your stress in productive ways yesterday (Brandon is such a good motivator, especially since he wrestles grizzly bears and moose all the time). My heart goes out to you, because I can only imagine how much stress you are under. Please keep us posted on your son’s progress, and I’ll be thinking of your family!



  2. Carla
    Apr 06, 2010 @ 22:42:36

    You are an amazing woman! You are doing your best to stay on track despite some very stressful issues in your life. Last year when my husband became very ill, I used food to get me through it, but of course it just made everything worse. I really hope you can get the help you need for your son.



    • rissamama3
      Apr 07, 2010 @ 00:10:01

      erin – Thank you, Brandon just replied to my tweet right when I needed it and it stuck with me for the rest of the day, and who could argue with a guy who wrestles bears and moose!

      Carla – I am trying to keep that in my head that the pint of ice cream will only make things worse in the long term. thank you



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