The Enemy

My nemisis appeared at the office today, office cake!  I am good with the bowl of chocolate and I don’t go to the cafeteria but I love cake.  Let’s just say that kid who loves cake in the 50 cent song is me!  So today we are celebrating the 200,00 work site employee and there is not 1 but 3 kids of cake.  Yellow, Marble and Chocolate.  It’s like my cryptonite I couldn’t resist and then the fat kid in me came out.  Oh man did she come out, I didn’t even really make it back to my desk before that cake was gone.  I inhaled it, and it was good.  It was sweet and sugary and fluffy.  BUT fast forward 10 minutes and here I sit feeling guilty as sin cause this is not my first sweet this week, I had a brownie the girls made over the weekend and when a 4 year old is asking you how her baking is you take a peice.  (damn baked good pushers!)  I know i just earned myself 19 points in sweets I have to work off.  Can anyone say extra work outs over here.  And when Saturday rolls around and I am just about the same I will know why, my actions have consequences good and bad.  

ok well at least it’s out of my head and I will stop beating myself up


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