Biggest Looser Cardio Max

I was wondering through Walmart Saturday and wanted to get the 30 Shred and saw this video and thought sounds good I will give it a try.  I popped it in on Sunday and did level 1… HOLY SCHNIKES BATMAN this is a workout.  I sweated was out of breath the whole nine.  I thought when I was done great what a good workout in 30 minutes.  Then I woke up Monday morning and holy crap my butt muscles!  I could barely walk let alone do the stairs at work.  I usually avoid the elevator at work and opt for the stairs but yesterday there was no way.  I did free step with the WII and walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill since we missed our lunch time walk as it has been pouring in the northeast.  Today I did the work out again and although it was still tough I got through it.  I am still sore but feel awesome just commiting to it.

It is a 6 week program and I have to have my hubby take a pic of me tonight for week 1 and I want to take a pic once a week so I can see the difference.

I weighed in Saturday -2.8 for a total of 21.2 in 12 weeks.  I am 1.8 away from my 10% so fingers crossed we will cross that check point this week.

I had a family event this weekend and saw my parents and some other relatives I haven’t seen since Christmas and they were all amazed saying I look fantastic!  that felt awesome.  I bought 3 pants in a smaller size this weekend.  I am so excited and ready to make this my life.  I am even grateful for this change.


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  1. josie
    Mar 19, 2010 @ 14:00:32

    Congratulations!!! What an awesome feeling to know that the choices you are making are having a drastic affect! I haven’t done the 30 day shred yet, but have seen other bloggers go through it. It DOES seem like such a great workout. Hopefully it produces the results you’re looking for! I just won a contest for the dvd, so hopefully it will be coming soon so I can try it myself!

    Congrats again, and here’s hoping for 10%! YAY!



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