Weekend Update

  • Lynne from Losing Lynne
  • Steve from 265 and Falling
  • Kat from Kat’s Adventures in Dietland
  • Frank from Male Weight Loss Now
  • Sean from Learn Fitness
  • Mac from Get Fit Slowly
  • Andrew from Andrew is Getting Fit
  • Karyn from Fitness Road Trip
  • Josie from 35 and Shrinking
  • Marissa from Fatty Slims Down
  • Jeremy from Stellar Path
  • Mike from SUB6
  • Andrew from 100 Pounds in a Year
  • Erin from Erin Takes Control
  • Alissa from Gluten Free Pumpkins
  • Craig from My Life, Take Eight
  • Ryan from No More Bacon
  • Chad from Reconstructing 30
  • I wanted to list all of my challenge friends and give an update, yesterday was my weigh in day and I was down 1.4 which is good, not great cause it was 2 weeks but I am down and being with out power for 4 days would have effected that… or maybe it was the 3 glasses of wine friday night cause today the wii says I am down 3.7 pounds.

    An update to my weekend challenge, I was unable to go out last night due to sick kiddos but I did excersize on the wii for 49 minutes and today for 24 minutes and did tae bo for 44 minutes.  So it was a success getting my excersize in.  I did not get to walk the dog very far as again the sick kiddos and my poor hubby has a weak stomache so I didn’t stray too far.

    all and all it was a good weekend, I think I will take the one healthy kid and dog for a stroll all be it a slow one since the one healthy kid is 2 and has really little legs 🙂


    3 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. craigversion2
      Mar 07, 2010 @ 21:34:58

      Sounds like you did great!!! Kudos fellow warrior!!



    2. Josie
      Mar 08, 2010 @ 20:11:33

      Hey, congrats on a good first weekend to this challenge! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you, and I look forward to following your journey to better health.



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